The Garuda and By Royal Permission

Boon Rawd Brewery became the official purveyor to the Royal Court of Thailand with the gracious appointment on 25 October 1939, and granted the use of the Kingdom’s Garuda as well as the words “By Royal Permission.”

The granting of the Garuda, the country’s and Royalty’s official emblem, is done rarely, usually given to institutions and companies that have been in service to the Royal Court for some time, upholding its quality of products and services for the Kingdom’s population, is of good standing financially, and without a tarnished name, being an organization that can positively represent the Kingdom worldwide. It is considered possibly the highest honour a company or organisation to receive, which could also be taken away if the good standing slides below par. Thus, this grant also signifies the trustworthiness of the company or organisation operation in the Kingdom of Thailand.